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Foto ctsm lendarium em cultivo

Catasetum lendarium nv. sp 2020

Posted by Ariel Blind about 2 months ago New orchid from Amazonian Read More
Dendrophylax lindenii %2816979925623%29

Ten Unique And Mysterious Orchids

Posted by Sys Admin almost 3 years ago Beautiful flowers are the orchids' main attraction. The orchids flowers are very unique in their structure and have a myriad of colours. Though, the floral structure of orchid flowers does follow a... Read More
800px paphiopedilum insigne orchi 02

Orchid Growing Regions Around the World

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago Orchids find mention in many ancient texts. However, the modern world rediscovered them in 1800’s, when British explorers came across these beautiful plants in the forests of their colonies in Sout... Read More
800px cidade administrativa mg 4

Arundina Graminifolia - The Bamboo Orchid

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago Arundina graminifolia is a common perennial terrestrial orchid from the tropical Asia. In its natural environment Arundina graminifolia grows in open sunny areas. A large number of these orchids ca... Read More
800px rhynchostylis retusa

Rhynchostylis retusa - The Foxtail Orchid

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago It is also known by the names of Aerides spicatum, Epidendrum retusum, Gastrochilus retusa, Saccolabium berkeleyi and Saccolabium guttatum. It is commonly known by the name of ‘foxtail orchid’. Wom... Read More

Diversity and Our Lovely Orchids

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago Orchids have generated a lot of fan following, with whole websites being dedicated to them, unlike other flowering plants. A lot has been said and researched on orchids. This may be because of huge... Read More
Papilionanthe teres %2816414817512%29

Papilionanthe teres - The Butterfly Orchid

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago Distribution: An erect green orchid, it is found growing all over South Asia. It likes to grow in areas with long daylight hours; with high rainfall (high humidity) and warm to hot temperatures.  ... Read More
Orchidaceae   phaius tancarvilleae

Hardy Species of Orchids from South Asia

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago Out of the three orchid rich regions of the world, namely, Equatorial regions in South America and Africa as well as the tropical rain forests of South Asia, South Asia is home to a large number of... Read More
320px fakahatchee strand preserve

Identifying Orchids

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago How do you identify wild orchids that might you come across while going for a walk or trekking, from other plants? Let this article help you out. Large amount of variation is seen in flowers as wel... Read More
Leopard orchid %28ansellia africana%29 clumps %2831161458461%29

African Orchid Species

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago Epiphytic as well as terrestrial orchids grow on mainland Africa and on the islands of Indian Ocean. However, the occurrence of epiphytes and terrestrials depends upon the climatic conditions of th... Read More


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