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Orchid doctor

BOTRYTIS: Time Lag to Its Visibility

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago It takes normally 10 to 12 hours to show on cattleya flowers. A80-110 Read More
Orchid doctor

CYMBIDIUMS: Backbulbs, Starting

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago Pot them in perlite in plastic pots covering the bulbs to two-thirds of their height. A74-205 Removal of new growth from a backbulb to induce another growth may best be done when the first new g... Read More
Orchid doctor

FLUORESCENT LIGHTS: Optimum Amount for Seedlings in Flasks

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago 40 watt per square foot at twelve inches distance is abundantly adequate. A74-969 Read More
Orchid doctor

PHALAENOPSIS: Buds Fall Off in the Home

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago The chances are good that the atmosphere in the home in winter is too dry because of low relative humidity, so place the plants on pans of gravel ana water. A83-1156 Read More
Orchid doctor

ORCHID GROWERS: Ten Commandments for Them

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago 1.Learn basic culture. 2.Provide proper facilities. 3.Watch for creeping obsolescence. 4.Learn about diseases and pests . 5.Buy good stock . 6.Learn the names and watch the labeling. 7.Be aware of ... Read More
Orchid doctor

FLUORESCENT LIGHTS: To Produce Excellent Color in Flowers

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago For display, the odd combination of one standard (not wide-spectrum) Gro-Lux tube #F40/GRO, with one Cool White Deluxe tube #F40/CWX (not the standard Cool White tube); under them white is pure whi... Read More
Orchid doctor

PETAL BLIGHT: Botrytis cinerea

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago It is confined to older flowers during cold damp weather; it is most common on various genera; small, circular spots often bordered by a delicate rim of pink; the imperfect stage Botrytis cinerea i... Read More
Orchid doctor


Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago Three-year average solar radiation square feet of horizontal surface for peak summer months; about 70 cities listed; highest radiation is in Phoenix with 200; lowest is Caribou, ME. at 115. (RMH) Read More
Orchid doctor

LAMINAR FLOW CABINET: A Work Area Free From Air-borne Spores

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago Provides steady stream of sterile air, preventing contamination in flasking procedures. A72-1094; for a report of experiments after 15 months with Laminar-flow set refer to OR77-203+ Read More
Orchid doctor

KEIKIS: On Phalaenopsis lueddemanniana

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago Culture is the key; possibly too little light, or too much water or potting medium too dense; over-fertilizing also causes keikis to appear. A77-449 Fertilizer at the rate of 50 ppm. could cause... Read More


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