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Durabaculum williamsianum

Author is Dian Mutiara, posted almost 2 years ago Read More

Catasandra "Flor D Iara"

Author is Ariel Blind to Orquidario Eldorado AM - Brasil, posted about 4 years ago New hibrid Galeandra devoniana (mather) x Ctsm tigrinum a intergeneric cross Read More

Growth requirements of Terrestrial Orchids

Author is Anu Dharmani, posted over 7 years ago Mostly erect plants, the terrestrial orchids are hardier plants than the epiphytic orchids and should be tried first by the beginners. Though, terrestrial are less popular than the epiphytic orchid... Read More

Arundina Graminifolia - The Bamboo Orchid

Author is Anu Dharmani, posted over 7 years ago Arundina graminifolia is a common perennial terrestrial orchid from the tropical Asia. In its natural environment Arundina graminifolia grows in open sunny areas. A large number of these orchids ca... Read More

Thelasis pygmaea - Miniature Orchid

Author is Anu Dharmani, posted over 7 years ago Thelasis pygmaea is found in the tropical evergreen forests of South Asia. It is a tiny orchid with even tinier flowers. Names:  The accepted scientific name of this orchid is Thelasis pygmeae,... Read More

Panisea uniflora

Author is Anu Dharmani, posted over 7 years ago Panisea uniflora is a beautiful miniature orchid and grows in tropical Asia, from India to Vietnam. Besides being an epiphyte, it can also grow as a lithophyte. It can be seen growing both on rocks... Read More

Luisia trichoriza - Hairy Root Orchid

Author is Anu Dharmani, posted over 7 years ago Luisia trichorhiza is a unique looking orchid. The stems and the leaves are thin needle-like and green in colour. This orchid is an epiphyte growing in tropical as well as temperate climatic zones.... Read More

Eria rosea

Posted by Sys Admin over 11 years ago This is a small sized member of a large family related to the dendrobriums which is native to China and Hong Kong. Plants bloom in the spring and as the name suggests, they bear 3 to 4 rose colo... Read More

Maxillaria picta

Posted by Sys Admin over 11 years ago Maxillaria picta belongs to a large genus of orchids which are native to Central and South America. Many of these are well suited for growing in the South Florida area. Of these, M. picta is one... Read More

Peristeria elata

Posted by Sys Admin over 11 years ago This plant has long been one of my favourites. It is a terrestrial and loves warm growing conditions. It is the national flower of Panama where it grows as a terrestrial in loamy soil and humus poc... Read More


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