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Your Local Orchid Society

Author is Ken Slump, posted 8 months ago Join, Participate and Discover New Flowers and Friends EVERY SERIOUS ORCHID HOBBYIST should seek out and become an active member of their local orchid society. From the moment I walked into my... Read More

What Goes Around (Wardian Cases)

Author is Ken Slump, posted 8 months ago A Revival of the Wardian Case Sparks Interest Among Orchid Enthusiasts GARDENING IS NOT IMMUNE TO styles, trends and fads. And so it seems that the time has come again for a broad interest in ... Read More

Tips, Facts and Home Remedies

Author is Ken Slump, posted 8 months ago Two Enthusiasts Share Ideas Concerning Orchids AS I HAVE NOTED BEFORE, THE newsletter editor is often an unsung hero in most orchid societies. Only those who have served in that capacity can a... Read More

Theme and Variations (Show Displays)

Author is Ken Slump, posted 8 months ago Varied Interpretations Heighten an Orchid Show’s Display WHEN A SPECIALTY PLANT SOCIETY sponsors a plant exhibition, it is not uncommon for the event to have a theme or title. This is particul... Read More

The Orchids of Summer

Author is Ken Slump, posted 8 months ago Searching for Hybrids and Species that Flower During the Summertime ORCHIDS, PARTICULARLY THE naturally occurring species, are generally seasonally blooming plants. With judicious selection, i... Read More

The Name Game

Author is Ken Slump, posted 8 months ago Getting a Handle on Latin Nomenclature in the Orchid World FOR MANY, ONE OF SCIENCE’S major frustrations is the Latin binomial system that has been adopted for the naming of plants, animals an... Read More

Staking Orchid Flowers

Author is Ken Slump, posted 8 months ago Materials and Techniques for Proper Presentation of Orchids in Bloom  JUDICIOUS STAKING OF ORCHID flowers can greatly enhance their presentation and consequently their appreciation by viewers.... Read More

Showstoppers (Orchid Shows)

Author is Ken Slump, posted 8 months ago Energizing an Orchid Show with User-Friendly Touches THERE IS MUCH TO BE LEARNED from helping to organize and put on an orchid show, but perhaps as much or more may be gleaned from attending o... Read More

Out of Africa

Author is Ken Slump, posted 8 months ago Orchid Riches from a Continent Where Almost Every Type of Climate is Represented “I KNOW, IT IS ANOTHER STARRY white flower with a spur,” commented a friend who sensed me stifling a yawn after... Read More

Orderly Orchids (Sequential Bloomers)

Posted by Sys Admin 8 months ago Sequentially Flowering Species and Hybrids Extend the Blooming Season IF YOU ARE LIKE MOST OF US AND want to have some orchids flowering at all times, the orchid species and hybrids with a seq... Read More


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