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Harmful Effects of Common Orchid Pesticides

Posted by Sys Admin over 1 year ago We have been using pesticides and various other chemicals frequently to get rid of pests and diseases in plants, without realising the harmful effects of these chemicals. Now, studies and reports a... Read More
Silverleaf whitefly

Orchids And The persistent Whitefly

Posted by Sys Admin almost 2 years ago Most orchid species are susceptible to whiteflies. These insects are attracted to the softer parts of the plants, where they can easily suck the sap. These persistent pests have, unfortunately deve... Read More
Orchid doctor

BEETLES: Black Twig Borers

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago Dendrobium beetles in Florida; treat with Diazinon or Sevin. AH86-56 Read More
Orchid doctor

ALGICIDES: Condensation Drip From Air Cap Insulation Promotes Algae

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago To render drip harmless spray with Physan 20, 1/2 tpg. A79-124 Read More
Orchid doctor

PHALAENOPSIS: Buds Fall Off in the Home

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago The chances are good that the atmosphere in the home in winter is too dry because of low relative humidity, so place the plants on pans of gravel ana water. A83-1156 Read More
Orchid doctor

BOTRYTIS: Time Lag to Its Visibility

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago It takes normally 10 to 12 hours to show on cattleya flowers. A80-110 Read More
Orchid doctor

PETAL BLIGHT: Botrytis cinerea

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago It is confined to older flowers during cold damp weather; it is most common on various genera; small, circular spots often bordered by a delicate rim of pink; the imperfect stage Botrytis cinerea i... Read More
Orchid doctor

BUDS: Black Inside Cattleya Sheaths

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago Rather common condition; to avoid it, when the buds appear clearly in shadow, cut off 1/2 inch from top of sheath; probably caused by sudden temperature change. A81-1436 Read More
Orchid doctor

ZECTRAN: A Carbamate Insecticide

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago It is no longer made. OWD Read More
Orchid doctor

BUDS: On Paphiopedilums, They Turn Brown, Working Down the Stem

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago Probably caused by bacteria; provide good air movement; water early in the day; for additional protection soak plants entire in Natriphene 1:2000 for 15 to 30 minutes. A72-534 Read More


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