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  1. Friday, March 5 (lasts 3 days) - Orchid Sock Hop, Stuart, FL (0 members going)
  2. Saturday, April 3 (lasts 2 days) - Flamingo Gardens Orchid Society Show, Davie, FL (​3 members going)
  3. Saturday, April 17 - OAEG Annual Speakers’ Day, St. Croix, St. Croix ​(1 member going)
  4. Friday, October 29 (lasts 3 days) - Fall in Love With Orchdis, Homestead, Florida (0 members going)

Upcoming Global Events

Orchids: Attraction and Deception, United States

Thursday, February 4, 2021 (lasts 6 months)
Event by The Arthur & Phyllis Kaplan Orchid Conservatory Read More

World Orchid Conference, Taiwan

Starting Saturday, April 24, 2021 (lasts 10 days) Event by The World Orchid Conference Trust Read More

19th European Orchid Council Conference and Exhibition, Denmark

Starting Thursday, May 6, 2021 (lasts 4 days) Event by Danish Orchid Society / Dansk Orchide Klub Read More

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Angcm. Crestwood '3 Spurs' $50.00 listed by Olivier Turina FORT LAUDERDALE, USA Local Only

Rlc. Odom's Talent $50.00 listed by Sandi Block-Brezner Davie (Ft. Lauderdale), USA

C. trianae var. 'Sangretoro' x 'Martinelli' $40.00 listed by Sandi Block-Brezner Davie (Ft. Lauderdale), USA
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   Member-Added Plants:

Rlc. Shinfong Unique 'Tian Stu' plant grown by William Gorski in Marco Island, Florida.

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Flower Boosters

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Water: The Most Important Nutrient

Author is Roy Tokunaga, posted 9 months ago We take water for granted.  It falls out of the sky.  It flows from the faucet.  Oahu city water is considered good for growing Orchids.   We use it without thought or concern. If you study orch... Read More

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Across the Centuries (Part 2)

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A Special Lady

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Tools of the Trade

Author is Ken Slump, posted 2 months ago Gearing Up with Two Gadgets to Grow Better Orchids THERE SEEM TO BE FEW HORTICULTURAL pursuits that have more available paraphernalia than orchid growing. The need or practicality of much of t... Read More

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