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Karl Olsen Phalaenopsis Phalaenopsis Hope Star

Some time ago I was able to get hold of a Phallie labe...

over 4 years ago.
Brenda Sharpe General Discussion Dendrobium clavator

Can anyone tell me what medium they use to pot Dendrob...

over 4 years ago.
Greg Barne General Discussion Using triacontanol on orchids

I am looking for information on how to use triacontano...

over 4 years ago.
Carol Holdren General Discussion Orchid History

Cattleya Hybrida, a cross between C guttata x C loddig...

over 5 years ago.
Tom De Mello Dendrobiums Dendrobium wardianum

Would anyone have this plant for sale or know where I ...

over 5 years ago.
Dave Groffen Dendrobiums Dendrobium sutiknoi hybrids

The image is of a first flowering Den. sutiknoi

almost 6 years ago.