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Sandi Block-Brezner General Discussion Brassocattleya hybrid?

Need help in identifying this plant. The tag says it i...

9 days ago.
Dean Haas General Discussion Parentage of RLC Memoria Emma Chen

Was the referenced hybrid listed as a pod parent of RL...

9 days ago.
John Small General Discussion Orchid bulb?

The flower shown with the title What is This? was grow...

27 days ago.
John Small General Discussion What is this?

A friend found several of these plants growing in his ...

27 days ago.
Marilynn Davis General Discussion Phal. Violacea

I have a Phaleanopsis Violacea that gets large light c...

27 days ago.
William Gorski General Discussion Paph. tag Identification

I have a Paph. that has it's first bloom for me. I...

about 1 month ago.
Robert H. Findlay Site Navigation sideways images

Anyone know why so many of the images posted end up on...

about 1 month ago.
Khanh tran General Discussion Arranges Elro

Dear Sir/Mafam,

May I have Tom contact info?...

about 1 month ago.
John Small General Discussion Which is correct?

Large white flowers 4 1/2 "

multiple br...

about 2 months ago.
Debbie Chase General Discussion Help to Identify Orchid

I've had this orchid many years and have lost the ...

about 2 months ago.
Colin Campbell General Discussion Unmatched Oncidium Alliance Orchid

I have posted a photo of this lovely Oncidium Alliance...

2 months ago.
Maria Delaney Oncidium Alliance Double spikes on oncidiums

Greetings all,

My oncidium of two and a...

2 months ago.
Darrin Duling General Discussion unknown Oncidium intergeneric

Both photos did not attach to the message. Here is the...

3 months ago.
Darrin Duling General Discussion need id on oncidium intergeneric

Can anyone identify this plant? I found it flowering i...

3 months ago.
Kate McMillan General Discussion Horticultural Charcoal vs Activated Charcoal

All charcoal is fired in kilns. The biggest differenc...

5 months ago.
Susan smith General Discussion Vanda Samsri Gory


The Easter of 2019 I acquired in Northern...

6 months ago.
Edward Zapata General Discussion Sale and trade

Is there an easy way to find a complete list of all pl...

6 months ago.
Jackie Hartter General Discussion Cymbidiums not blooming


I have  two cymbidium orchids. &nbs...

6 months ago.
Robert Ferguson General Discussion Neomorrea

Anyone been successful in growing & blooming Neomo...

6 months ago.
Robert Ferguson General Discussion Searching for orchid

Looking for a blooming size orchid, Rlc. Golden Slippe...

6 months ago.
Jan Andersen General Discussion Article references?

I have been trying to read some of the articles in thi...

7 months ago.
Stephen Hodgson General Discussion Care of Dracuvallia Gualaquiza

Does anyone know about care  of Dracuvallia Guala...

7 months ago.
Diane Decoene General Discussion The Decoene Orchid

Hi. Im Diana Decoene my grandfather was Jules Jacque D...

7 months ago.
Robert H. Findlay General Discussion Dif between member photo and "official" photo

Some hybrids have a member photo but the space top lef...

7 months ago.
John Small Orchid Doctor Fungus? Bacteria? Virus? Nothing to worry about?

In 2015, after a 15+ years hiatus, I got back into gro...

7 months ago.
Roberto Lizama General Discussion Damaged leaves at the tip

What is best medium for Rhynchorides Norma?

7 months ago.
Kerrie Sutton General Discussion Best medium for epidendrium orchids

What is the best medium?

8 months ago.
Roberto Lizama General Discussion homemade method for sowing orchid seeds


In an AOS bulletin, around 1975 -1977...

8 months ago.
Marilynn Davis General Discussion Can grow light cause deformed leaves?

I've been using a Spider Farmer LED 600 grow ...

8 months ago.
George Su Other Genera New Intergeneric Orchids

Hi Folks.

I'm new here, I noticed this d...

8 months ago.
Robert Scully General Discussion Searching for a special hybrid

Hi.  I am new to this site and actually new to or...

8 months ago.
Edward Zapata General Discussion Cymbidium breeding info?

Anyone know of any good source to learn about Cymbidiu...

9 months ago.
Henry Shaw General Discussion Missing Gan Lin phal variety

The database is missing an entry for a phalenopsis:&nb...

10 months ago.
Mary Lane General Discussion Orchid not found in Orchids.Org

Vanda Sarah Waddoups Reg. RHS By R.F. Orchids 2018&nbs...

10 months ago.
cello mazza yuwa Vandaceous Intergeneric name

help me please

neofinetia x ascocentrum x re...

10 months ago.
Stephen Van Kampen-Lewis General Discussion PET style method of Catasetum potting- UPDATED

I made another PET video and hopefully this one is mor...

10 months ago.
James Bixler General Discussion Eulophia andamanenis

Just a note out to all:  My Eulophia andamanenis ...

11 months ago.
Jackie Hartter General Discussion Oncidium cheirophorum

Just purchased a Oncidium Cheirophorum.  It is my...

11 months ago.