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Fungal attack

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by John Small

I took a Pot. Love Triangle to the Mounts Thursday and, luckily for me, the pathologist was present. I have had a problem with this plant for about two years, 1 1/2 years of that time I left the plant lying on my patio and ignored it. When I dscovered it again, I potted it and hung it on my fence. It sprouted about six new growths, all of which turned black within a month or less. This is what killed my entire orchid collection in 2016 and why the Love Triangle was tossed on my patio. The pathologist took a piece of the leaf and put it under the microscope. He determined that it was a fungus, Lasiodiplodia theomobrae, that killed everything. It apparently is very virulent and unlike other fungi, whose spores are wind or airborne, Lasiodiplodia theomobrae's spores are activated by water and are spread by watering your plants. The pathologist suggested I try chlorothalonil or mancozeb. However, I have read that an old timer, captan, also might be one to try. Last time, I tried thiomyl, but it didn't have any affect. If anyone has had any previous experience with Lasiodiplodia theomobrae, I would love to hear from you.



John Small

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