Missing Gan Lin phal variety

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by Henry Shaw

The database is missing an entry for a phalenopsis:  Phalenopsis Gan Lin 'Peace'.  See label image.



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  1. Henry Shaw
    4 months ago
    Contacted Gan Lin, and they reported that their breeder's original name for this variety was Phal. Chi Yueh Four Peace. OrchidWeb sold it under the name "Phal. Chi Yueh Peace" Turns out that neither of those help, as neither seem to be listed in OrchidWiz. It's a beautiful peloric variety with bright purple veins on white petals.
  2. Carol Holdren
    4 months ago
    Orchid Wiz shows 31 Phal Gan Lin from Beauty to Phal Gan Lin Yellow Lover. The word ‘Peace” is not in any of the names. You might try contacting the originators. Latest address I see in Gan Lin Agriculture Co., Ltd., No 32 Chan-So Road, So-Yen Village, Nanchou, Pingtung Hsiang, 926, Taiwan. Or the person you purchased it from.

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