Intergeneric name


by cello mazza yuwa

help me please

neofinetia x ascocentrum x renanthera x trichiglottis =_____? x rynchosrides (rhynchostylis x ariedes) =_______?

what are they going to be called?


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  1. Alex Maximiano
    9 months ago
    Aerides x Rhynchostylis = Rhynchorides
  2. Alex Maximiano
    9 months ago
    Regarding "neofinetia x ascocentrum x renanthera x trichiglottis"... this genus does not exist and will never exist since there is no such thing as an Ascocentrum anymore. Nor is there Neofinetia. Those two are now vandas. Vanda x Trichoglottis = Trichovanda.

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