Availability of a particular primary hybrid

Cattleya Alliance

by John Marmaro


I have been looking high nd low for a plant of the primary hybrid once known as Brassoepidendrum Jim Wallace-- B. digbyana x E. mariae (now purportedly with a grex generic name of Rhynchothechea-- if one accepts lumping Encyclia mariae into Prosthechea* -- which I don't-- I hold it to be in either Encyclia (sensu latu) or Euchile, IMHO. 

(* I find the name Prosthechea to be ugly, objectionably so for such a lovely plant as E. mariae-- "prosthechea" sounds like someone beginning to say "prostate"-- then clearing their throat.  Decidedly unlovely!   And certainly, from a taxonomic standpoint, this species and its congener E. citrina are as different from Prosthechea sensu strictu--  represented by such plants as P. vespa, P. vitellina and P. crassilabia  -- as they are from Encyclia sensu strictu:  if they're not Encyclias, then we should follow Carl Withner's segregation of these two Mexican species into their own genus Euchile.)

Anyhow, if somerone knows how, or from where or whom, I can obtain a plant of this hybrid, do please let me know!


Best regards, John Marmaro 

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  1. Julie Ellner
    over 3 years ago
    If you are on FB, look up a gentleman named Allen Black--brasso hybrids are his thing. He may still have this plant.
  2. Carol Holdren
    over 3 years ago
    Hi John, That is a tough one! Looking at Orchidwiz I see the plant was registered by Crestwood in 1966 and then awarded most recently in 2005 at a TOGA monthly judging. Those are the clues I use to find orchids but I think they are all too dated. There are 3 hybrids, the latest in 2010 by Tzeng-Wen Orchids of Tainan. The two others were done by Roger B. Cole in Maryland. Maybe you can find a hybridizer working with digbyana? I looked at photos of similar plants and the 3 offspring and they all look very different from Jim Wallace. Good luck and I’ll let you know if I find out anything more. Carol

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