I would like to say hello and I'm new to this group. Anyway I live in Tampa Fl and I have my collection outside. We just recently began to cool some and lower humidity. I like to say that I know of all the new growth or any changes on each of my plants . It is as the yellow leaves appeared overnight. I know the hrs of daylight are dropping but I'm reaching for a explanation. Thanks Kevin

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    Carol Holdren
    15 days ago
    Kevin, I’ve been thinking about your question while keeping an eye on my yellow den leaves. I decided to ask Roy Tokunaga from H&R Orchids. Here is my question & Roy’s answer: Why do some Dendrobiums develop yellow leaves in the fall? The question is from orchids.org member who lives in Tampa, FL and with a little cooler temperature and lower humidity he has had some yellow leaves turn over night. Many Dendrobiums normally drop their leaves in the fall-winter season. The signal is usually a change in the weather to cooler, dry and/or wet conditions. Shorter days usually plays a part.
  2. Kevin Fernandez
    about 1 month ago
    Thanks for your help. It's really hard to say winter around here and for me gets more confusing when to begin holding back water and fert and begin winter rest lol. I guess really keeping alert to any minor changes in my plants to clue me in to what they need.On the other hand this is probably why I enjoy these plants so much. I enjoy the challenge of taking in the clues and using them to get them to bloom. Thanks
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    Carol Holdren
    about 1 month ago
    Hi Kevin, Welcome. I’m south of you in Florida and my Dendrobiums are doing the same. Do you belong to Florida Orchid Growing on Facebook? For Florida residents it is a great group. But back to culture - I do water less as the temperatures drop.

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