Orchid cattleya? But genus and species name?

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by Harry Dillberger

Good evening, please identify this beutiful orchid for me !!! Maybe is a  BLC Memoria Helen Brown, "Sweet Afton" ???

Merry Christmas to you all !!!

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  1. Carol Holdren
    12 months ago
    Hello Harry, Looking at Rlc. (Used to be called Blc) Memoria Helen Brown, a cross between Rlc. Xanthette & C. Ann Follis, it certainly looks like the photos. Hybrids are more difficult to identify once they have lost their tags but if they are famous, as this 1967 Stewart, Inc plant is, odds are much better. Here is the 1976 AOS award description of Rlc. Memoria Helen Brown ‘Sweet Afton’ AM/AOS 82 pts : “One spike with three flowers of superb shape; tepals colored a uniform chartreuse; semi-isthmus labellum with deep maroon, quarter-size disc.” The size is given as 13.5 cm wide. Hope this helps, Carol
  2. Harry Dillberger
    12 months ago
    How will I be notified from this site here ? I logged in with facebook.

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