Another blooming "Unknown"


by James Bixler

Hi, you wonderful folks helped me ID my Zygopetalum maculatum a few weeks back, many thanks.  I now have another orchid (about 12 years old for me)  It is in bloom, as it does every year around Christmas, I have no idea what it is!  Kind of looks like a Zygopetalum, I believe it was purchased at the same time my "Z" maculatum was.  It grows very well outside all year round here in North San Diego Co. Any clues!

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  1. Jeanne M Uzar
    11 months ago
    Do you another picture with more open flowers? We have a red Cym that looks similar.
  2. Alex Maximiano
    11 months ago
    It looks like a Cymbidium hybrid with the species floribundum somewhere in the background. Could be Cym. Waringah Winter, Cym. Wan-Su, Cym. Cranberry Velvet. I don't think you're going to find out for sure without further clues.
  3. James Bixler
    11 months ago
    Well, please have patience with me, I loaded the other pictures into my 1st album, which I believe is public.
  4. James Bixler
    11 months ago
    I have more pictures of this orchid but I can't seem to load them!

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