Eulophia andamanenis

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by James Bixler

Just a note out to all:  My Eulophia andamanenis bulbs that I purchased via a vender in Thailand were confiscated and destroyed by US Customs.  Got the empty shipping bag with a note inside from them "Customs"  But the "Dactylorhiza maculata" blubs from Poland came through OK   I'm new to this, and learning everyday!

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  1. James Bixler
    5 months ago
    The E. andamanenis bulbs came with no papers, and were declared as a "souvenir" by the vender. US Customs destroyed them because they saw some native soil on the bulbs. I'm not angry or anything like that, they were doing their job to protect against any invasive organisms entering the country.
  2. Jean-Pierre ECOFFEY
    5 months ago
    There was no CITES neither Phytosanitary certificate.... These, are sold for nothing as traditional medicine in the northern part of the country. Avoid as possible, to buy plants without papers (these certificates cost 4$ in Thailand, wether it's for one plant or 200), these are all wild collected plants! The tubers of D. maculata where still in flask?
  3. Alex Maximiano
    6 months ago
    Wow... sorry to hear that. But why? What did the note say?
    1. James Bixler
      5 months ago
      The D.maculata tuber from Poland was in a small "sandwich" baggy, with some moss, It was planted out side right after my above post and hasn't grown yet, but the weather here in Northern San Diego Co has been very cool at night, no frost, just high to mid 40's "F"

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