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Go Wild (Orchid Species)

Author is Ken Slump, posted over 1 year ago 13 Orchid Species You Can Grow ORCHID SPECIES FREQUENTLY have the undeserved reputation of being difficult-to-cultivate prima donnas with ordinary flowers. If you share that philosophy, here i... Read More

Gifts for the Orchid Lover

Author is Ken Slump, posted over 1 year ago Wrap Up Your Shopping Early, Then Enjoy the Holidays Yourself THE HOLIDAY SEASON OFFERS many opportunities to share the joy of orchids with your friends and orchid-growing buddies, and there i... Read More

Garden Variety Orchids

Author is Ken Slump, posted over 1 year ago Selections for Growing Outdoors in Tropical and Temperate Regions WHILE MOST OF US CULTIVATE OUR tropical orchids in some sort of protected environment, in many parts of the country there are ... Read More

Food for Thought (Fertilizing)

Author is Ken Slump, posted over 1 year ago Hobbyists Often Tailor Fertilizer Needs to Their Orchid Collections THE WHAT, WHEN AND HOW OF orchid fertilizing provides constant discussion among orchid growers. For many, there seems to be ... Read More

Easy Orchids

Author is Ken Slump, posted over 1 year ago Suggestions for Choosing Plants Requiring Minimal Care THIS SEEMS LIKE AN IDEAL TOPIC for an article. Many of us want to enjoy orchid flowers with a minimum of fuss and I have found that most ... Read More

Containing Your Enthusiasm

Author is Ken Slump, posted over 1 year ago Providing for the Requirements of Plant Root Systems IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT, THERE IS little that is more foreign to an epiphyte than life in a flowerpot. Epiphytic orchids, in particular, are ... Read More

Buying Mature Plants

Author is Ken Slump, posted over 1 year ago Making a Case for Investing in Plants with Immediate Rewards GROWING ORCHIDS IS DIFFERENT from such short-term horticultural pursuits as vegetable gardening and the culture of flowering annual... Read More

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Author is Ken Slump, posted over 1 year ago Tackling the Big Job of Dividing Overgrown Orchids Has Its Rewards SOONER OR LATER, ALL SUCCESSFUL orchid growers will be faced with the task of dividing a thriving plant that, for various rea... Read More

Dendrobium Norma Jackson

Author is Susan Erwin, posted almost 2 years ago Sorry, my Grandmother was Norma Jackson ! My mother, Zelda Erwin, created the "Norma Jackson Dendrobium" I have the papers to prove it ! Debbie Erwin Miami, Fl 6300 Sw 116 street ... Read More

Beginners Start Here

Author is Ken Slump, posted almost 2 years ago A 12-Step Plan for Becoming a Successful Orchid Grower IF YOU ARE NEW TO THE ORCHID hobby and perhaps feel you are not enjoying the success with your plants that you had hoped for, read throug... Read More


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