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Showstoppers (Orchid Shows)

Author is Ken Slump, posted 8 months ago Energizing an Orchid Show with User-Friendly Touches THERE IS MUCH TO BE LEARNED from helping to organize and put on an orchid show, but perhaps as much or more may be gleaned from attending o... Read More

Predictions from the Medium (Potting)

Author is Ken Slump, posted 8 months ago Ingredients to Use when Making a Potting Mix for Orchids EPIPHYTIC ORCHIDS GENERALLY need a coarse, open, well-drained growing medium that is somewhat, yet not too, moisture retentive. Over th... Read More

Out of Africa

Author is Ken Slump, posted 8 months ago Orchid Riches from a Continent Where Almost Every Type of Climate is Represented “I KNOW, IT IS ANOTHER STARRY white flower with a spur,” commented a friend who sensed me stifling a yawn after... Read More

Orderly Orchids (Sequential Bloomers)

Posted by Sys Admin 8 months ago Sequentially Flowering Species and Hybrids Extend the Blooming Season IF YOU ARE LIKE MOST OF US AND want to have some orchids flowering at all times, the orchid species and hybrids with a seq... Read More

Orchid Scents

Author is Ken Slump, posted 8 months ago Flowers Stimulate the Senses with Fragrances Ranging from Foul to Flattering MOST CORSAGE BUYERS AND recipients would probably tell you that while orchids are commonly regarded as the most exo... Read More

Orchid Companions (Bromeliads)

Author is Ken Slump, posted 8 months ago Bromeliads Make Good Plants to Grow with your Orchids MY ZEAL FOR ORCHIDS DEVELOPED from a general interest in tropical plants that was rekindled some years ago as I began seeking plants for a... Read More

Nine Ladies Dancing (Oncidiums)

Author is Ken Slump, posted 8 months ago An Oncidium by Any Other Name Is Still a Delight to Grow and Flower THE GENUS ONCIDIUM IS AMONG the largest in the orchid family. Various authors list the number of species anywhere from 300 t... Read More

My Orchid-Show Box

Author is Ken Slump, posted 8 months ago A Convenient Way to Transport Display Supplies to the Show I KEEP SUPPLIES THAT ARE USEFUL for preparing my exhibits at orchid shows together in a cardboard box. But before I list those items,... Read More

Monstrous Orchids (Peloric)

Author is Ken Slump, posted 8 months ago Love Them or Hate Them, Peloric orchid Flowers Grab Attention ORCHID FLOWERS COME IN A remarkable variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Among these variations are some that are called “peloric,... Read More

Master Planning

Author is Ken Slump, posted 8 months ago How to Make Your Collection Work for You ASSEMBLING A QUALITY ORCHID collection can require strategy and discipline. It is easy to succumb to the temptation to purchase every pretty plant that... Read More


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