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Angraecum magdalenae Shows Herself !

Author is Tom Kuligowski, posted almost 6 years ago        Often referred to as the "Queen of the Angraecums"; Angraecum magdalenae can be a phenomenal plant to show off when in full bloom.  Whether a first time bloomer with a single flower or a gro... Read More

Lubber Grasshoppers

Author is Susan Jones, posted about 10 years ago One of the largest and slowest moving grasshoppers, lubbers can attain 3 inches (7.5 cm) in length at maturity, and cause a great deal of damage to an orchid collection. Different species are found... Read More

Summer In South Florida

Author is Andy Easton, posted about 10 years ago These are a few things, in no particular order, that you might wish to consider that could help your plants through what is often a very difficult growing season in South Florida. It’s hot and t... Read More

Fall Orchid Growing Tips

Author is Susan Taylor, posted about 10 years ago Repot Fall is a good time to repot those orchids which have already bloomed and are going into a rest period or growing pseudobulbs which will mature over the winter. With cooler weather the trans... Read More

World’s Tallest Orchid

Author is Susan Taylor, posted about 10 years ago The tallest freestanding orchid is Sobralia altissima from the high forests of Peru. It is reported to grow up to 44 feet or 13.5 meters high in optimum conditions. The bright reddish-purple flower... Read More

Goodyera daibuzanensis

Author is Susan Taylor, posted about 10 years ago Goodyera daibuzanensis is one of the popularly called Jewel Orchids known for their lovely foliage rather than for their flowers which are generally not very interesting, picture of flower. Terrari... Read More

Spider Mites on Orchids

Author is Susan Taylor, posted about 10 years ago Spider mites are closely related to spiders. They are nearly microscopic in size and are not often suspected until the damage is visible, usually on thin leaved orchids such as Dendrobiums. The lea... Read More


Author is Susan Taylor, posted about 10 years ago These cute little miniatures are found from Florida through Bolivia and most of the Caribbean Islands. There are currently about ten species listed and most of them are twig epiphytes or tree growi... Read More

Repotting Keikis

Author is Ned Nash, posted about 10 years ago Question:  I have a healthy vanda that flowers freely. Now, however, it is growing two plantlets. How do I remove them and pot into their own baskets? M.H. Starzinger Answer:  The offsets are kn... Read More

Setting Up A Terrarium

Author is Susan Taylor, posted about 10 years ago Many orchid growers graduate from the windowsill to a terrarium in order to better control environmental conditions, especially humidity, for their plants. An old aquarium can be used for this purp... Read More


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