Repotting Large Cattleyas

Cattleya Alliance

by Jeanne Uzar Hudson

I have some large and some very large Cattleyas.  I wondered if anyone would share their thoughts on making divisions vs. having  large specimen size pots.  Please share!

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  1. Jeanne Uzar Hudson
    about 2 months ago
    I noticed tonight that the St Augustine OS is having a speaker next that will talk about cattleya specimen plants. I do prefer specimen size cattleyas for most whenever I can.
  2. Carol Holdren
    about 2 months ago
    We had a speaker who specialized in large Catts - they grew in aliflor, which doesn’t deteriorate, so they just moved plants up. And they put an upside down pot in the bottom center to help with drainage. But I agree that they get too unwieldy to handle and like to rot. I divide, share and put in trees.
    1. Jeanne Uzar Hudson
      20 days ago
      Carol, who was the speaker that spoke on larger Catts?
  3. William Gorski
    about 2 months ago
    Large specimen plants are very nice but difficult to handle. It is easier to divide and share with friends.

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