I'm looking for a good systemic fungicide to treat my orchids with prior to winter.  Banrot seems to cover it all.  Does anyone else have experience with this?  I'm thinking of taking my orchids outside for a good drench before it gets much colder (I live in MN).  All of my orchids are indoors.  Is this stuff OK for indoor plants if you treat them outside?

Thank you,  chemicals scare me!

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  1. Jeanne Uzar Hudson
    3 months ago
    Chemicals scare me too ! My first husband was a commercial orchid grower by trade. Many times he was required to 'suit up' before spraying. Benrot was one of those chemicals. He did have preexisting health conditions, but even with a full commercial suit of protection, Banrot made him gravely ill. I think there may be other chemicals that should achieve the same goal without perhaps being to lethal.
  2. Dianne Mayne
    7 months ago
    I dont see a date when this posted, but sure hope someone who has used Banrot posts an asnwer or suggestions. I have a small bag of it a friend gave me, but I too am scared of chemicals! I just used Orthene for the first time and am sold on it's use. I must have had a bad thrip infestation because now all my orchids or most have flower spikes! even look happier!

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