Designing a greenhouse for orchid growing

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by Ron Hellendall

I am a beginner. I just signed up to and this is my first question; my naivite is maximum. I have an unused workshop (approx 15' x 20') built like a room in a house. I would like to convert this into a greenhouse for orchids. For design purposes, the lighting will have to be artificial (the room's windows face east and it is adjacent to a forest thus the sun exposure is either indirect or through a tree canopy.) With this minimal info, could anyone provide guidance on how to proceed with evaluating the prudence of pursuing this? I live in central North Carolina, USA - are there local resources, including contractors, I may engage? Thanks in advance to all. Ron

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  1. Jim McGuinn
    9 months ago
    Hi Ron, I'm pretty new myself to growing orchids although I killed several years ago. In more recent times I started out like a lot of others by purchasing some from local grocery store. and was amazed that I kept them alive and most rebloomed the next year. I live in central TX, and it gets too hot in the summertime and too cold in the winter for Orchids outdoors. I had a conventual small greenhouse until the Wind took it away. I could keep it cool enough for some verities, but found it impossible to keep warm in the winter. I am looking at alternatives. I want something similar to what the "POT" growers are doing. I want it temperature controlled, along with an automated watering system. At least to the point that we don't have to be tied down to it. So I'll be fowling along. Jim
  2. Carol Holdren
    9 months ago
    You can look up societies, vendors and orchid grower on our site. And orchid shows are a great way to see a lot of orchids. Those are listed on the site also. There is an older book that was always considered the “bible” of orchid growing and you can buy it used. Home Orchid Growing by Rebecca Northen has old names but is still a great book.
  3. Carol Holdren
    9 months ago
    Hi Ron, Welcome! I’m sure others will have advice for you - the orchid community is great. I would suggest you join the local orchid society, which I think is Triangle Orchid Society. Going to their meetings can show you what orchids locals are growing. There are many different orchids with different light and temperature requirements; knowing what you want to grow is crucial. You can also visit vendors to see their growing areas. Good luck! Carol

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