What is the culture for Cattliante Chongkolnee

Cattleya Alliance

by Mike Minney

Last April I got this bifoliate from Sunset Valley Orchids #8164 and it has been in triple sheath for months and don't understand what the culture is. I will call Fred at SVO tommorow. I haven't posted on this yet and was just curious.

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  1. Carol Holdren
    5 months ago
    And, let me add that one of our premier hobby growers said, “nothing orchids do would surprise me!”
  2. Carol Holdren
    6 months ago
    That was C labiata before it was auto corrected
  3. Carol Holdren
    6 months ago
    I just got a reply, “I’ve never heard or a triple sheath on a Cattleya. Some sheaths can be very thick and give the illusion that it’s more than one.” Then I asked about a double sheath, which I have seen. The reply was, “Yes, Cattleya lariat a produces a double sheath, so yes, I could understand if the mentioned plant had a double sheath.” It will be interesting to see if any of the species in your plant have double sheaths.
  4. Carol Holdren
    6 months ago
    Sorry, I did not see the name! Looking it up the plant is 50% Gur bowringiana, 25% Gur aurantiaca & 25% C guttata. It looks like a wonderful small red Cattleya. the cross was made in 1973 so it has been around for a while. My OW says the main blooming time (Northern Hemisphere) for bowringiana is Oct/Nov, guttata is Aug & aurantiaca is March. I have an inquiry out to our Cattleya expert and will let you know what he says and of course, Fred Clarke will know!

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