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Kate McMillan General Discussion Horticultural Charcoal vs Activated Charcoal

All charcoal is fired in kilns. The biggest differenc...

15 days ago.
Susan smith General Discussion Vanda Samsri Gory


The Easter of 2019 I acquired in Northern...

25 days ago.
Edward Zapata General Discussion Sale and trade

Is there an easy way to find a complete list of all pl...

about 1 month ago.
Jackie Hartter General Discussion Cymbidiums not blooming


I have  two cymbidium orchids. &nbs...

about 1 month ago.
Robert Ferguson General Discussion Neomorrea

Anyone been successful in growing & blooming Neomo...

about 1 month ago.
Robert Ferguson General Discussion Searching for orchid

Looking for a blooming size orchid, Rlc. Golden Slippe...

about 1 month ago.
Jan Andersen General Discussion Article references?

I have been trying to read some of the articles in thi...

about 2 months ago.
Stephen Hodgson General Discussion Care of Dracuvallia Gualaquiza

Does anyone know about care  of Dracuvallia Guala...

about 2 months ago.
Diane Decoene General Discussion The Decoene Orchid

Hi. Im Diana Decoene my grandfather was Jules Jacque D...

about 2 months ago.
Robert H. Findlay General Discussion Dif between member photo and "official" photo

Some hybrids have a member photo but the space top lef...

2 months ago.
John Small Orchid Doctor Fungus? Bacteria? Virus? Nothing to worry about?

In 2015, after a 15+ years hiatus, I got back into gro...

2 months ago.
Roberto Lizama General Discussion Damaged leaves at the tip

What is best medium for Rhynchorides Norma?

3 months ago.
Kerrie Sutton General Discussion Best medium for epidendrium orchids

What is the best medium?

3 months ago.
Roberto Lizama General Discussion homemade method for sowing orchid seeds


In an AOS bulletin, around 1975 -1977...

3 months ago.
Marilynn Davis General Discussion Can grow light cause deformed leaves?

I've been using a Spider Farmer LED 600 grow ...

3 months ago.
George Su Other Genera New Intergeneric Orchids

Hi Folks.

I'm new here, I noticed this d...

4 months ago.
Robert Scully General Discussion Searching for a special hybrid

Hi.  I am new to this site and actually new to or...

4 months ago.
Edward Zapata General Discussion Cymbidium breeding info?

Anyone know of any good source to learn about Cymbidiu...

4 months ago.
Henry Shaw General Discussion Missing Gan Lin phal variety

The database is missing an entry for a phalenopsis:&nb...

5 months ago.
Mary Lane General Discussion Orchid not found in Orchids.Org

Vanda Sarah Waddoups Reg. RHS By R.F. Orchids 2018&nbs...

5 months ago.
cello mazza yuwa Vandaceous Intergeneric name

help me please

neofinetia x ascocentrum x re...

5 months ago.
Stephen Van Kampen-Lewis General Discussion PET style method of Catasetum potting- UPDATED

I made another PET video and hopefully this one is mor...

5 months ago.
James Bixler General Discussion Eulophia andamanenis

Just a note out to all:  My Eulophia andamanenis ...

6 months ago.
Jackie Hartter General Discussion Oncidium cheirophorum

Just purchased a Oncidium Cheirophorum.  It is my...

6 months ago.
James Bixler Beginners Another blooming "Unknown"

Hi, you wonderful folks helped me ID my Zygopetalum ma...

6 months ago.
John Small General Discussion Fungal attack

I took a Pot. Love Triangle to the Mounts Thursday and...

6 months ago.
Michael Pye OrchidWiz OrchidWiz

In OrchidWiz, if I have am unregistered cross in my My...

7 months ago.
bob lewis Cattleya Alliance looking for info about an unregistered cattleya

...good afternoon to neighbor grows some orch...

7 months ago.
jamie m phillips Vandaceous VANDA IDENTIFYING BY TAG TLM812 V. LEGACY BLACK


7 months ago.
Harry Dillberger General Discussion Orchid cattleya? But genus and species name?

Good evening, please identify this beutiful orchid for...

7 months ago.
John Marmaro Scientific Greenfly Orchid: the name game [taxonomy]

The long-standing name of the "Greenfly Orchid&qu...

7 months ago.
Jackie Hartter General Discussion Zygopetalum Orchid

Do I cut the flower stalk off after flowers drop right...

7 months ago.
Bruce M Gelman General Discussion Arachnis species

Can anyone tell me where to source the members of this...

7 months ago.
Kevin Fernandez General Discussion Den. Keikis

I puchased this Den.Kingianum about 2 months ago and h...

8 months ago.
Kevin Fernandez General Discussion Vandachostylis Prapawan I have had this plant for at least 2 years and seems heal... 8 months ago.
Holly Slimak General Discussion Mildred wieland My grandfather made this hybrid and named it after my gra... 8 months ago.
Ashley Gardner General Discussion Vanda David Gardner 'Ashley"


I am the daughter of Dr. David Gardne...

8 months ago.
Jamaal Hooker General Discussion Endemic orchids in Puerto Rico

Does anyone have a list of the endemic orchids in Puer...

8 months ago.
Michael Heffernan General Discussion Ruby Eyes ‘Tetra Baron’


was just wondering if anyone would have a...

9 months ago.