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Orchid Species: Larnandra magnolia

Kew currently accepted name is Epidendrum magnoliae
Larnandra magnolia is an orchid species name for which no taxonomic record was found. Culture information and photos for this orchid are commonly detailed under the currently accepted name of Epidendrum magnoliae.
Larnandra (Larn.)
ORIGIN: Found in Florida and Mexico.

DESCRIPTION: Miniature sized, cool to cold growing epiphytic or rarely lithophytic orchid commonly refered to as the green-Fly Orchid which is found on trees in low woods and cypress swamps where it flowers mainly from mid-fall through the end of spring on a terminal, basally sheathed, lax, erect, short to 6 1/2 [16.5 cm], raceme with long lived, fragrant flowers which have a lip shaped like a green fly, hence the common name. This species has thick fleshy roots, a simple reed-like stem enveloped by tubular, scarious sheaths and carries 2 to 3, articulate, narrowly elliptic, acute, sub-coriaceous leaves.

FLOWER SIZE: To 3/4 inch [to 2.3 cm] -- information provided by Jay Pfahl, author of the Internet Orchid Species Encyclopedia (IOSPE).
Other Names
Genus Name Genus Grex Name Year Author
Add+ Epidendrum Epi magnoliae 1813 Muhl.
Add+ Amphiglottis Amph conopsea 1933
Add+ Epidendrum Epi conopseum 1813
Add+ Larnandra Larn conopsea 1837
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