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Orchid Species: Sarcanthus angkorensis

Kew currently accepted name is Cleisostoma discolor

Sarcanthus angkorensis is an orchid species identified by Guillaumin in 1930. Culture information and photos for this orchid are commonly detailed under the currently accepted name of Cleisostoma discolor.
Sarcanthus (Snths.)
ORIGIN: Found in India, Sikkim, peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam in primary lowland montane forests often near streams at elevations of 350 to 1500 meters.

DESCRIPTION: Miniature sized, hot to cool growing epiphyte with an ascending stem carrying several, dark green veined, linear, curved leaves with an erose bilobed apice and are conduplicate below that blooms in the late winter and early spring on an axillary, pendant, 9 to 24 [22.5 to 60cm] long, occasionally branching inflorescence with a slightly fractiflex rhachis eith ovate, acute floral bracts and carrying several to many [20], successively opening flowers.

FLOWER SIZE: 0.44 inches [1.1 cm] -- information provided by Jay Pfahl, author of the Internet Orchid Species Encyclopedia (IOSPE).
Other Names
Genus Name Genus Grex Name Year Author
Add+ Cleisostoma Cleis discolor 1845 Lindl.
Add+ Cleisostoma Cleis auriculatum 1972 (Rolfe) Garay
Add+ Cleisostoma Cleis termissum 1972 (Rchb.f.) Garay
Add+ Saccolabium Slm rostellatum 1890 Hook.f.
Add+ Sarcanthus Snths auriculatus 1895 Rolfe
Add+ Sarcanthus Snths josephii 1913 J.J.Sm.
Add+ Sarcanthus Snths macrodon 1872 Rchb.f.
Add+ Sarcanthus Snths termissus 1860 Rchb.f.
Add+ Sarcanthus Snths discolor 1912 (Lindl.) J.J.Sm.
Add+ Sarcanthus Snths josephi 1913 J.J.Sm.
Add+ Gastrochilus Gchls rostellatus 1891 (Hook.f.) Kuntze
Most awarded/recent cultivars: Snths. termissus 'Davie Ranches' (1973)
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