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More Photos of plant Kir. New Hybrid (Fred Clarke) SVO9831 plant grown by R .Benson.:

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  1. R .Benson
    22 days ago
    I haven't noticed the a fragrance from my plant but it is the first time it has bloomed. My plant also is not spotted but a beautiful tropical color that I will be interested to see if it changes. This is the first bloom and I have 5 small sized flowers on one stalk.
  2. R .Benson
    22 days ago
    "Jungle Elf (L. esalqueana x C. aclandiae) has 2-3 yellow flowers with red spots on small-growing plants. The cultivar ‘Cheryl Lynn’ is a meristem mutation with exceptional breeding qualities and was the starting point for almost all modern breeding for yellow flowers with red spots. Kyoguchi (Enc. aromatica x Gur. aurantiaca) ‘M. Sauno’ is also a tetraploid and blooms with branched inflorescences holding over 60 bright-yellow fragrant flowers with yellow lips striped in red. As a hybridizer, I am always on the lookout for new directions in breeding, and this grex might lead to a unique, new look. We expect red-spotted yellow flowers with red lips and upright stems of 10 or more fragrant blooms."

Kir. New Hybrid (Fred Clarke) SVO9831 plant grown by R .Benson.

This plant is not matched to the orchid database

Grower is R .Benson

Located in Saint Paul, MN, United States

Kir. New Hybrid (Fred Clarke) SVO9831 plant grown by R .Benson.
Slc. Jungle Elf 'Cheryl Lynn' 4n x Epc. Kyoguchi 'M. Sauno' Mutation
Sunset Valley Orchids
Description: SVO9831

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Plant record added about 1 year ago.