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SHELL NO-PEST STRIPS: Effectiveness Effective when used in a closed area; controls thrips and aphids when kept in close proximity to plants in bud or flower. F75-164 0
SHELL NO-PEST STRIPS: How to Use Buy four or five for a greenhouse sized lift, by 15 ft., use them only at night, with the vents closed; store each day in foil. A77-798 0
SHELL NO-PEST STRIPS: Safety They are safe and effective when used according to recommended cubic area per strip. A69-524; A71-21; A76-507 0
SHELL NO-PEST STRIPS: Used in An Enclosure To kill scale, use the strip of DDVP for 2 to 9 hours, then replace it in the carton and use it again in 7 days; it is also good for mealybugs, white-fly, aphids, spider-mites. A82-248 0

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