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PHOSPHOROUS DEFICIENCY: It Seldom Occurs But the foliage does become dark green, there is dwarf growth with no flowering; there is no tissue necrosis. A67-473+ 0
PHOSPHORUS: Function in a Fertilizer It helps to make the plant flower; if a cymbidium has a low percentage in its tissue on chemical examination, few flowers will be produced. AU87(1)-12 0
PHOSPHORUS: Functions as Fertilizer It is essential to root growth and is necessary for the production of flowers, fruit and seed. A70-139 -- functions, generally = it is abundant in seeds and young growing tissue; is taken up relatively largely in the early life of the plant; mobile within the plant; in annual plants if sufficient is taken up early it can suffice for the life of the plant; application to non-orchid perennials is recommended at start of growth. AU75-45 0

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