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NECTARS: Cause of Exudate on Sheaths It varies from plant to plant; generally considered to be a sign that plants are making vigorous growth. A63-1011; "sooty mold" fungus turns the exudate into black smudges but does no harm; wash it off. OR66-179 0
NECTARS: "honey" Exuding Around Flowers It is associated with good culture. A73-1081; an adaptive mechanism enabling plants to avoid excessive carbohydrates resulting from enhanced photosynthesis. A67-468; the "honey" contains 97% sucrose. OR76-249; for the kinds of sugars contained, see an analysis at A69-866+ 0
NECTARS: Production of Nectars on Plants as Exudates Floral and extra-floral exudates contain sucrose, fructose and glucose, but no exotic sugars. A71-1092; they occur more often where there is a big change from day to night temperatures. F74-33 0

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