Orchid Genus Brassolaeliocattleya

Brassavola x Cattleya x Laelia

Grexes of Genus Brassolaeliocattleya Most Popular in Cultivation

108004 109236 116854 117504 5008 11591 126388 53307 55180 55187 92373 116856 17142 57514 30298
Genus Grex Name Cross Genus Name
Add+ Blc Acapana Grandee (1937) x Green-heart Brassolaeliocattleya
Add+ Blc Ademar Manarini Waikiki Gold x Faye Miyamoto Brassolaeliocattleya
Add+ Blc American Heritage Golden Slippers x Fortune Brassolaeliocattleya
Add+ Blc Amy Wakasugi Bonanza (Bracey) x Herons Ghyll Brassolaeliocattleya
Add+ Blc Angkinantana Norma Briscoe x Vichitr Gold Brassolaeliocattleya
Add+ Blc Apricot Flare Fortune x Waianae Queen Brassolaeliocattleya
Add+ Blc Arabesque Golden Slippers x Mamie's Treasure Brassolaeliocattleya
Add+ Blc Arom Gold Prachuab's Delight x Angkinantana Brassolaeliocattleya
Add+ Blc Beverly Blietz Toshie Aoki x Erin Kobayashi Brassolaeliocattleya
Add+ Blc Black Mesa Aztec Princess x Dark Emperor Brassolaeliocattleya
Add+ Blc Blanche Aisaka Meditation x Stephen Oliver Fouraker Brassolaeliocattleya
Add+ Blc Blanche Okamoto Canberra x Nanette Brassolaeliocattleya
Add+ Blc Blue Grotto Blue Boy x Victoria Brassolaeliocattleya
Add+ Blc Blumen Insel Keyston Gold x Gift Brassolaeliocattleya
Add+ Blc Bouton D'Or Wolteriana x Buttercup Brassolaeliocattleya

Grexes of Genus Brassolaeliocattleya by First Letter of Name

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