Cymbidium Anna Szabo 'Geyserland' (Awards)

Date Award Org. Points Exhibitor Venue
2015-03-26 SM DOG Orchideen-Garten, Marei Karge-Liphard Dresden Exhibition Judging
2003-09-18 AM AOC 80 Grigg C., Australia South Australia
2001-09-23 HCC OCNZ 78.6 Neville Morris, New Zealand Taranaki, New Zealand
1999-04-02 HCC AOS 75 Bert Tagami, Torrance, California Greater Las Vegas Orchid Society Show, Las Vegas, Nevada
1998-09-12 BM CSA 76.29 Ray Dix, New Zealand
1998-09-12 HCC OSCOV 77.1 P Gibson Victoria, Australia

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