Brassocatanthe Little Mermaid 'Janet' (Awards)

Date Award Org. Points Exhibitor Venue
2014-10-09 AM AOS 83 Anne & David Safarewitz North Jersey Orchid Society - Outreach, Hanover Manor
2013-02-23 AM OCNZ 81.38 Leroy Orchids Auckland
2010-01-11 2P TOGA LIAO, JEN-TUN Monthly Ribbon Judging
2007-10-01 TRO TOGA Ching Hua Orchids 清華蘭園 Monthly Ribbon Judging
2006-09-28 AM AOS 80 Jose and Irma Selles, San Juan, Puerto Rico Mayaguez Orchid Society Show, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

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