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POTS, CLAY: Adding Vertical Slits for Aeration These can be added by using either a carbide blade or a carborundum blade on a circular saw to cut the narrow channels. F85-176 0
POTS, CLAY: Sterilizing Bake them in a ceramics kiln; you need only 350 to 400 deg. F. to sterilize them. A70-427Boiling them subjects them at best to only 212 deg. F.; best to bake them to 400 deg.F. for an hour. A72-332Do not use chemicals; use a pressure cooker. A73-615Place in water in a boiler and raise the temperature to 180 deg.Fc for half an hour. OA78-218 0
POTS, CLAY: Sterilizing Them Both the pots and the compost can be put in hot water at 72 dC (about 160 dF) for ten minutes then cooled before using; this resulted in better growth than by using fungicides. AU81-20Wire-brush the crud off them, then soak them in a Clorox solution of about 5 to 10% for a few hours then rinse and let dry thoroughly before using. A82-690 0

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