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SEED BANKS: Australian Orchid Foundation The most effective collector and distributor of local and foreign seed for conservation, and well worth any enlightened grower's support; flasks frequently available; address 107 Roberts St.,Eseendon,Victoria 3040, Australia. AU84-255; OR86-322 0
SEED BANKS: Australian Terrestrial Types Procedures of the Australian Orchid Foundation and their seed bank procedures; flasks of species of both terrestrials and many exotic epiphytes from other countries; lists of those available at $12. per flask, AU83-35; AU85(3)-41; AU87(l)-58 0
SEED BANKS: Cryogenic Gene Bank At the University of California, Irvine, CA 92717, the Arboretum is developing facilities for preserving seed for the distant future; it requires assistance. A86-249 0

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