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PYTHIUM BLACK ROT: And Damp-off Caused by Pythium ultimum; it requires free water in order to spread; community pots are most vulnerable; on older plants black spots should be cut out and the plant soaked in Anti-Damp or Natriphene; refer to N315+ 0
PYTHIUM BLACK ROT: On Cattleyas Treatment: drench the plant in Truban at one ounce to 25 gals. water, or 1 level teaspoon in 3 gals. water. A74-34 see also Black rot; Dry rot; Leaf blight; Leaf tip blackening; Pythium ultimum 0
PYTHIUM ULTIMUM: A Fungus Also know as slime mold; it favors moist, cold conditions; in one phase it swims on a thin film of moisture; can be spread by splashing water; causes soft brown rot. OD65-10; OD67-49; controls: Truban; Banrot or Physan 20. A80-356 0

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