Orchid Genus Cattlianthe

Cattleya x Guarianthe

Grexes of Genus Cattlianthe Most Popular in Cultivation

37403 30682 88658 55618 88425 176106 2613 150297 92476 55666 27890 31165 152846 32778 63776
Genus Grex Name Cross Genus Name
Add+ Ctt Adolph Hecker Porcia x Bonanza (Bracey) Cattlianthe
Add+ Ctt Ariel bowringiana x gaskelliana Cattlianthe
Add+ Ctt Aussie Sunset Fires of Spring x Gene May Cattlianthe
Add+ Ctt Bactia bowringiana x guttata Cattlianthe
Add+ Ctt Barefoot Mailman briegeri x Madge Fordyce Cattlianthe
Add+ Ctt Best Friend Drumbeat x Love Tradition Cattlianthe
Add+ Ctt Blazing Treat Rojo x Trick or Treat Cattlianthe
Add+ Ctt Blue Boy Ariel x Elegans (1879) Cattlianthe
Add+ Ctt Candy Ball Maricana x coccinea Cattlianthe
Add+ Ctt Candy Tuft Loddiaca x Dubiosa (1890) Cattlianthe
Add+ Ctt Chicanery Goldcrest x aurantiaca Cattlianthe
Add+ Ctt Chit Chat aurantiaca x Coronet (1902) Cattlianthe
Add+ Ctt Chloe bicolor x bowringiana Cattlianthe
Add+ Ctt Chocolate Drop guttata x aurantiaca Cattlianthe
Add+ Ctt Chocotome Gold briegeri x Chocolate Drop Cattlianthe

Grexes of Genus Cattlianthe by First Letter of Name

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