Dendrobium Enobi Purple 'Splash' (Awards)

Date Award Org. Points Exhibitor
2016-03-30 ACE OSNSW 85.5 Colin Andrews
2016-03-30 ACE AOC 85.5 Andrews C.
2015-03-25 AD OSNSW 80.64 Andrews, Colin
2015-03-25 AD AOC 80.6 Andrews C.
2012-10-01 TRO TOGA Yi Mei Orchids
2011-03-03 CCM AOS 86 Yu Hui Orchids
2011-03-03 AM AOS 84 Yu Hui Orchids
2010-10-07 CCM HOS 88.3 Pam Waki
2009-11-02 TRO TOGA Chiu, Yao-Tsung
2008-10-09 AM HOS 84.2 Pam Waki
2007-10-04 CDC HOS 84.4 Lea Takafuji
2007-03-22 JC AOS Lea Takafuji, Waianae, Hawaii
2006-09-04 MP TOGA Chang, Chung-Jen 張仲任

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