Brassocattleya Keowee 'Wings of Fire' (Awards)

Date Award Org. Points Exhibitor Venue
2014-11-08 CCM AOS 83 Francisco Rodríguez Vargas Puerto Rico Center Monthly Judging - Mayaguez, Franco's Restaurant
2008-11-22 AM AOS 81 Patsy Boersma, Marshall, Texas Shreveport Center Monthly Judging, Shreveport, Louisiana
1997-11-12 HCC AOS 79 Vivian Hernandez, Miami, Florida Florida Caribbean Center Monthly Judging, Miami, Florida
1997-11-01 SM SFOS 81 Vivian Hernandez Banyan Festival
1984-10-15 BM SFOS 78 Huan Bui Orchids, Miami Regular Monthly Meeting

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