SPRINGTAILS: Tiny Insects in the Pots

Ailments Orchid Doctor

by Robert M. [Bert] Hamilton (Compiler)

Originally published in The Orchid Doctor in 1980 and 1988

Posted by Sys Admin almost 4 years ago.

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Two to three mm. long, white in color with two front "feelers"; they move and jump erratically, leave shedded "bodies" under the pots; can be controlled by spraying an insecticide around and into the pot for a moment. A85-192
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SPRINGTAILS: Collembola Small insects about 5mm. in length; they appear thickly on damp potting media; white or grey in color; they feed on decaying matter, bacteria; more a nuisance than anything else; no control given; try Malathion. AH86-56 0
SPRINGTAILS (COLLEMBOLIDS): Small, Grey Jumping Insects Found in Pot Medium Controls: in increasing degrees of toxicity to the user -- malathion (LD50 of 2oz.), lindane (1/2 oz.) and dimethoate (1/2 oz.). A68-582; drench lightly with Diazinon 25%EC or 50%WP at 1 ttpg. A77-619; A79-1112; use Cygon 2E at 2 tpg., or Diazinon 50%WP at 2 ttpg. and drench lightly; spray pot surface with Ortho-Isotox, or Diazinon. A79-209; in Florida, insects described and five controls listed. DK10; a regular spray program including malathion is recommended. N329 0

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