OXALIS: Controls

Ailments Orchid Doctor

by Robert M. [Bert] Hamilton (Compiler)

Originally published in The Orchid Doctor in 1980 and 1988

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Three materials have been used with success on potted plants: Monuron (Karmex-W, or Telvar), Diuron (Karmex DW) and Princeps-80W (Simazine-80W); directions should be followed carefully; water plants well a few hours prior to application. A82-352; AH86-104
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OXALIS: Control For oxalis growing rampant in the pots use Simazine SOW (Princep 80W) at three rounded ttpg.; keep the sprayer agitated, use only on pots more than five inches; the day before application water only to set roots; spray Simazine lightly into the Oxalis only, do not water for two days after; it kills slowly but lasts six months. A71-715; A72-631; A74-708; OA71-105How to clear it out of pots: spray lightly with Monuron (Karmex W, or, Telvar) at two tablespoons in three gals.; do not use Monuron on fast-growing cymbidiums and epidendrums. A79-584 see also Simazine 80WUse Karmex W(Monuron) 2 level tblsp. per 3 gals. water or 2 tblsp. Karmex DW(Monuron) in 2 gals., or 1 ttpg. Princeps-80; keep spray off leaves; don't water for 3 days. A72-905; A76-795; A77-108; OWD 0

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