OFF MIX: Composition

Culture Orchid Doctor

by Robert M. [Bert] Hamilton (Compiler)

Originally published in The Orchid Doctor in 1980 and 1988

Posted by Sys Admin about 4 years ago.

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57% fir bark, 32% coarse peat (poultry grade), 5% Palco wool (redwood fiber), 6% Perlite (coarse); to each 10 cu.ft. add 4 lbs. bone meal, 1/2 lb. superphosphate, 1/4 lb. Ureaform nitrogen and 1.5 lbs, of green sand (Glauconite). A72-412; Dodson and Gillespie, Biology of the orchids (1967), 91

One version (there are several) consists of 57% fir bark, 32% coarse peat (poultry grade) 5% Palco wool (redwood fiber), 6% coarse Perlite; to each cu. ft. add 4 lbs. bone meal, 1/2 lb. superphosphate, 1/4 lb. ureaform nitrogen and 1.5 lbs. of green sand (Glauconite) if you can get it. The orchid doctor, page 88, this and other versions.

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OFF MIX: Composition, Altered 7 pts. fir bark medium size, 1 pt. coarse German peat, 1 pt. Palco wool; to each cu.ft. add: 3 lbs. pulverized limestone, 1 lb. single superphosphate, 1/2 lb. processed tankage, 1/2 lb. of 5-10-5 fertilizer; the Rutgers mix. A66-989 0
OFF MIX: Composition, Modified 1 pts. fir bark, 1 pt. Perlite, 1 pt. German poultry peat, 1 pt. shredded Palco wool. ODA75(l) 24The 7-1-1-1 mix: 7 pts. fir bark medium grind, 1 pt. each of coarse peat moss, redwood bark regular grind, and coarse Perlite; has a moisture-holding capacity of 140%; to each 10 cu.ft. add: two to three lbs. pulverized limestone, 3 lbs. bonemeal or a pound of 20% superphosphate, 1/2 lb. tankage and 1/2 lb. 5-10-5 fertilizer. A65-1001+ 0

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