orchids not growing roots

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by gabor csiha

Long time orchid grower, moved to Vancouver Island (rainforest) a couple of years ago with my collection, always used rain water when ever available, I was doing the same here BUT unknown to me the previous owner had the roof demossed the year before which is a common thing in these parts because of the amount of rain & the result of me using water from the roof run off DAMAGED A GREAT DEAL OF MY COLLECTION. The SPECIES THAT SUFFERED THE MOST WERE THE PHRAGS & SOME OF THE OTHERS THAT 2 YEARS LATER THEY ARE LIVING, BUT UNABLE TO GROW ANY NEW ROOTS. I have tried diff. Fertilizers, locations, LED lights on top of them with no luck I am at my vits end with 40 years of experience absolutely nothing seems to get them to grow. Any suggestions out there, or is it a lost cause? Thanks

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