Grt. Why Not in Cultivation by Members

Found 23 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Cara Anderson Ctna. Why Not var. Yellow
Carol Holdren Ctna. Why Not 'Nice'
Coleen Hann Ctna. Why Not
Crystal H Ctna. Why Not
Forest City Ctna. Why Not
Frances LaVigne Ctna. Why Not
Jardin GrisCar Grt. Why Not
Karolina Szlapa Ctna. Why Not var. Red form
Ken Francis Ctna. Why Not
Kerrin Samm Ctna. Why Not
Mary Lane Grt. Why Not Potted in clay pot with lava rock. Grown on west facing screened lanai. Watered with cattleyas. Fertilized weakly weekly.
Melvin Waki Ctna. Why Not 'Makana Ke Akua' This is the rare yellow form of the Ctna. Why Not. This is a cutting from the original plant of Makana Ke Akua (means Gift of God in Hawaiian) given to me by the late Richard Takafuji of Orchid Ce... Read more Grown outside under 50 percent shade cloth. The plant is growing in a plastic basket with orchid bark as the media.
Melvin Waki Ctna. Why Not 'Pam Waki' A rare yellow form of Ctna. Why Not which usually has red petals and sepals. This is one of the seedlings from the selfing of the yellow Ctna. Why Not 'Makana Ke Akua' owned by the late Richard Ta... Read more This plant is growing in a 6-inch plastic basket with bark as the media. The plant is hung in the open under 55 percent shade cloth. The plant is water 2-3 times per week and fertilized weekly wi... Read more
Quinlan Cijntje Ctna. Why Not Medium: charcoal, leca and moss water: 3x per week fertilize: 1x per week
Raquel Unterslak Grt. Why Not
R .Benson Grt. Why Not var. (Yellow 4n strain) In spike August 2023
RĂªve Gloria-Collinsworth Grt. Why Not var. Because
sarah lynne Grt. Why Not
Sharon Stretton Ctna. Why Not
Sharyn Kann Grt. Why Not
Tim Meier Ctna. Why Not
Tom Kuligowski Ctna. Why Not
William Gorski Grt. Why Not full sun course mix