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This plant received a CCM from the AOS in April 2016.
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Ctna. Why Not 'Pam Waki' CCM HOS

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Grower is Melvin Waki

Located in Aiea, Hawaii, United States

(aurantiaca x sanguinea)
Pam Waki
Orchid Center
Description: A rare yellow form of Ctna. Why Not which usually has red petals and sepals. This is one of the seedlings from the selfing of the yellow Ctna. Why Not 'Makana Ke Akua' owned by the late Richard Takafuji of Orchid Center. A large percentage of the selfings bloomed yellow flowers. Several were awarded by the American Orchid Society and the Honolulu Orchid Society.
Culture: This plant is growing in a 6-inch plastic basket with bark as the media. The plant is hung in the open under 55 percent shade cloth. The plant is water 2-3 times per week and fertilized weekly with Michigan State University formula fertilizer.

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Plant record added almost 4 years ago.

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