C. edithiana in Cultivation by Members

Found 9 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Günther Eilers C. mossiae var. alba
Günther Eilers C. mossiae var. semi-alba
Jeanne Uzar Hudson C. mossiae var. semi-alba
Jeannie Seaver C. mossiae Bought from marblekg on eBay in 2015 Bright light, 1/4 strength food
John Small C. mossiae 'Willowbrook' net pot, mixture of fir bark, charcoal and vermiculite on fence
Mark Langdon C. mossiae
Sharyn Kann C. mossiae var. semi alba 'H&R'
Vanessa Monteiro C. mossiae
Xavier Hung C. mossiae 'Willowbrook'