C. aliciae in Cultivation by Members

Found 10 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Günther Eilers C. mossiae var. alba
Günther Eilers C. mossiae var. semi-alba
Jeanne Uzar Hudson C. mossiae var. semi-alba
Jeannie Seaver C. mossiae Bought from marblekg on eBay in 2015 Bright light, 1/4 strength food
John Small C. mossiae 'Willowbrook' net pot, mixture of fir bark, charcoal and vermiculite on fence
Mark Langdon C. mossiae
Nate La Breche C. mossiae var. coerulea Seedling. Growing in fine bark.
Sharyn Kann C. mossiae var. semi alba 'H&R'
Vanessa Monteiro C. mossiae
Xavier Hung C. mossiae 'Willowbrook'