What is best medium for Rhynchorides Norma?

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  1. Carol Holdren
    about 2 months ago
    Hi Nancy, yes they can. I have several mounted on cut pieces of cedar. If you get a freeze in winter you will need to protect any orchids outside.
  2. Nancy Perkins
    about 2 months ago
    Can Cattleyas be mounted on a cedar wood? And can all Cattleyas be Mounted as I live in central Florida
  3. Carol Holdren
    2 months ago
    No media at all - best in a mounted in a basket, tree fern, cork or wood. Both genera do not like their roots disturbed and both are intolerant of stale conditions around the roots. Their roots want to hang free. Mounting the plants means they do have to be watered often during hot weather with humidity kept high.

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