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by Chris Tyrie

Hello everyone,

Does anyone have any for sale or know where I can purchase the original clone of Vyulstekera Cambria Plush, I had one some years ago but lost it, it was a beuatiful plant and it seems like they are as rare as hens teeth nowadays, Can anyone help?


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  1. Carol Holdren
    9 months ago
    Hi Chris, The genus is changed to Oip (Oncidopsis). And the hybrid name is Cambria with a clone named Plush. So it is now Oip. Cambria ‘Plush’ FCC/AOS. The latest award was an AOS to Oip Cambria ‘Carnaval’ HCC/AOS. That award went to Brookside Greenhouses, Langley, British Colombia, Canada. The cross was first made in 1931 but maybe by searching for it as an Oip you can find it - Good Luck! Carol

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