Phalaenopsis Hope Star


by Karl Olsen

Some time ago I was able to get hold of a Phallie labelled as Phal. Hope Star.  I have been unable to find it registered anywhere, or what the parentage is.

Has anyone heard of it?  Wondering if anyone could help me out or point me in the right direction?



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  1. Carol Holdren
    over 4 years ago
    Hi Karl, I could not resist and puzzle and tried to find the name also. OrchidWiz shows 27 hybrid Phalaenopsis with the word “hope” in the name. None had the word “star” or anything like it. I then looked up the word “star” and their are 650 plants with that word in their name. I’m guessing this was a wholesaler who just made up a name. Some don’t want to pay the $15 or $17 or whatever it is to have the name registered. Which is too bad. I bought a small white phal from a very reputable grower and it has the same issue - no real name.
    1. Julie Ellner
      about 4 years ago
      You might try contacting Floricultura BV (Dutch wholesaler) who does make crosses and registers them. I'm betting that 'Hope Star' is the cultivar name, not the grex name, and you won't find it in the Orchid Register under that name. Also check their website to see if they list the plant, then you will know. I've contacted them in the past and found them uncommonly helpful.
    2. Karl Olsen
      over 4 years ago
      Thanks Carol. I do appreciate the effort! The grower I bought it from just ignores my emails, and when I called him he brushed me off and stated he didn't know without even thinking about it.......
  2. Sys Admin
    over 4 years ago
    Karl, I searched our database records extensively for that name, both in the grex and the cultivar, and with all possible combinations of "hope" and "star", and wasn't able to find anything. This is a complex hybrid, possibly involving a combinations of rimestadiana, amabilis, aphrodite, schilleriana and equestris. This makes your search very hard.
    1. Karl Olsen
      over 4 years ago
      I do appreciate the time and effort, thanks. Looks like I'm out of luck with this one......
      1. Sys Admin
        about 4 years ago
        No problem...

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